Fireplace Screen Template Instructions

The best person to do the templates is someone skilled with carpentry tools. The template needs to be:

1. Symmetrical and in square

2. Set in place without being forced and

3. Rigid (3/8" wafer board works well)

Typically we install the fire screen about 3” inside the fireplace opening. If you get it deeper than that problems can arise with the doors not opening properly – especially on arch top fire screens.

You’ll want to decide if you want to mortar the gap between the screen frame edge and the fireplace surround. If you have a smooth surround the gap will be small and the chance of a spark escaping will be small; but you may like the look of a mortared edge. If you have a rough surround we recommend that the edges be mortared to decrease the chance of a spark escaping. We recommend you use a masonry mix that will match your existing mortar joints. If a metal top lintel is in place, the top of the template can be placed right up next to the lintel with no gap or you can leave a gap for mortar.


If the screen is to be installed in a rock or brick surround there are two options:

1. If the rock is not too jagged (out of straight) you can opt for not mortaring in the gap - leave just enough gap around all four edges so that the template will go in place without being forced. If you prefer the look of a mortared edge just leave the gap you desire.

2. If the surround is jagged (out of straight) you should leave some gap around all four edges of the template. The gap will later be filled with mortar after the fire screen is installed. We use a pre-sanded masonry mix so that it matches the mortar between the rocks or bricks. The gap should vary from 1/16" to 1/4" and in some places even bigger depending on the rock roughness.


If the screen is to be installed in a smooth surround there are three options.

1. Minimal gap (no mortar or grout) if the opening is nice and even (symmetrical). Be sure the template can go in and out without being forced.

2. 1/8” gap left around all four edges of the template (to be filled with a high heat caulking grout after installation).

3. 1/4" gap left around all four edges of the template (to be filled with a pre-sanded masonry mix at installation).

Some surrounds are smooth on top and sides but rock or brick on the hearth. We often mortar these only along the bottom edge.

When you’re done with the template set it in place and be sure you are happy with the gap you have. Our screens will be made exactly to the template size and cannot be easily changed later.

Please call if you have any questions or concerns: 208-788-0018
Or email us at wieds@cox.net

When you’re satisfied that the template is the exact size you want please mark it “front” and “top,” write the job name on the template and ship it to:

Wiederrick’s Custom Metalworks
4051 Glenbrook Drive
Hailey ID 83333

If the template is too big to ship via UPS or FedEx you can use a trucking company; or if you’d like to use UPS or FedEx you can half or quarter the template but make sure you measure it exactly first, label it for reassembly and send the measurements with the pieces (cutting with a saw can remove some size).