How to Order a Fireplace Screen

There are four things we need to know before we can bid a fireplace screen for you:
Design preference
Color preference
Texture preference
Once you provide us with that information via telephone, 208-788-0018, or e-mail wieds@cox.net we will submit a bid to you. If you accept the bid and want to proceed with the project, we will send a formal proposal for you to sign plus a scale drawing so you can see just what your screen will look like. At that point we would need from you:
1. The signed Proposal
2. A deposit payment in the amount of one-half the screen price (personal check is fine)
3. A template of your fireplace opening. Click for template instructions

The Dimensions

The heighth and width measurements of your fireplace opening at the point where you'd like the face of your screen to be.

The Design

We want to create a screen that is perfect for your room. Take a look at the fireplace screen photos on our web site and let us know if there is a particular design you like. Or if you like some elements from one screen and others from another screen just let us know and we can customize your screen to your tastes. Or if you have ideas that aren't on our site we can draw up a design per your specifications. We can also help you come up with a design based on photos of the room the screen will be in.

The Color

We offer four color finishes listed from least expensive to most expensive: Natural Steel, Black Patina Over Steel, Brown Patina Over Steel, and Antique Bronze Over Steel. As you can see by our color sample photos, different lighting will create slight variations in color.

Natural Steel Color Natural Steel Color Natural Steel Color
Color: Natural Steel

Black Patina Color Black Patina Color Black Patina Color
Color: Black Patina Over Steel

Brown Patina Color Brown Patina Color Brown Patina Color
Color: Brown Patina Over Steel

Antique Bronze Color Antique Bronze Color Antique Bronze Color
Color: Antique Bronze Over Steel

The Texture

We offer three textures: Smooth Texture, Light Hammer Texture, and Heavy Hammer Texture. The Smooth Texture is more expensive than the Light or Heavy.

Smooth Texture Light Hammer Texture Heavy Hammer Texture

Please call if you have any questions or concerns: 208-788-0018
Or email us at wieds@cox.net

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